Lose Fat, Build Lean Muscle
And Reclaim Your Health & Performance As A Vegan

Without Feeling Bloated, Overwhelmed Or Restricted

Hi there! My Name is Stefan Gerbl and I am a Vegan Health/Fitness Coach. I help Vegans lose fat, build lean muscle and maximize their health so they can confidently portray their values and leave a big impact in the world.

I went vegan 7 years ago because I wanted to transform my body, mind, overall health, and the health of the entire planet.

Along my journey, I noticed that I felt better overall, had an increase in my strength, a faster workout recovery, and losing fat was way more easy.

More energy, more clarity, better digestion, better skin, less sleep are just a few of the positive effects I experienced with the vegan lifestyle switch.

I started documenting my journey on Instagram and vegans started reaching out for help.
Here are some of the common questions I received:

„I went vegan and gained weight, what did I do wrong?"

„I am not building muscle, what is the reason?“

„I feel bloated all the time, what can I do?“
These are just a few of the hundreds of messages I've received. At that point I made it my mission to spread the vegan lifestyle out to the world.
I began coaching my fellow vegans to help them lose fat, build lean muscle, and maximize their health.

I have since created an amazing community of FIT VEGANS that save the planet and reach out with an energetic high level BODY&MIND!

Here you can see pictures of me as a non-vegan versus vegan.

With my vegan lifestyle coaching it is super easy to stay lean and have an aesthetic body all year round while enjoying the most delicious bowls!

YOU Can Also Become A Fit Vegan

My documentation of my vegan journey inspired not only existing vegans, but also aspiring and new vegans.

In order to help more people and the planet I created the SATISFOREST BODY & MIND MENTORING to help people transform their bodies and minds with a vegan lifestyle.
Here I teach my clients step by step how to become a true performance vegan with an aesthetic body full of energy and a mindset of steel.

I teach them 1:1 how they become their best version looking most defined, aesthetic and feel great loving the vegan food and lifestyle while eating intuitively.




"A lot has changed for me since the coaching. Above all, I am now more efficient and more focused.
In the end i have realized what kind of person i am now and who i have been 12 weeks ago.

Stefan is a contact person for life who can really help you and who walks the walk."


"We started with an individual training plan, nutrition plan to achieve my physical goals. We also had an eye on my blood levels, where I also noticed what kind of expertise and knowledge of Stefan has and it is not about any fitness plan, but the holistic approach to increase my health and performance.

A huge thank you to you Stefan!"


"Stefan showed me how to get more energy, a more powerful body and more fulfillment.
We took a look at my blood levels, where we could really improve some things, so that I simply have more energy.

Stefan, I just wanted to make a little thank-you video so people could see what a great job you do."


"Through Stefan's holistic approach I have become more vital, I have become more motivated, I feel healthy...
Visually, I was also able to burn body fat and build muscle mass.

A very big thank you to you Stefan!"


"After the first four weeks, I already felt a change. I feel fitter, more vital, more awake. not only physically but also mentally.

Thanks a lot Stefan, it was really great how you've been with me."


"Even though I have been doing sports for years, it has never been important to me to perform in a certain way. I was really excited how easy it was to take the last steps to high performance in the end. Now I know exactly how my body and mind is working.

You were always there for me and I really want to thank you for that support."

“This Is How We‘ll Make You A Fit Performance Vegan“



In more than 180 training videos Stefan teaches you step by step what is really important for your personal vegan transformation.
In the 12 modules Stefan explains 1:1 how to implement the individual steps. Topics include nutrition, training, routines, mindset or just simple hacks for everyday life.

Every physical and mental aspect is illuminated and you can study the modules adapted to your individual learning level.


You will find all the learning materials in the membership area, like training videos, access to worksheets, recipes, grocery lists, workout plans and vegan secrets. You can even download these on your smartphone, so you can do the mentoring no matter where you are!

Stefan has created the learning materials based on his coaching experience with his clients of the last 3 years. So he combines theory & practice for maximum results.


Each week you'll have 1:1 calls. We'll check-in and see how you're progressing, and if necessary, we'll optimize your workout program, meal plans, or routines. 

This call will give you clarity, redefine your focus, and set you up for success.
During our call, you can also ask questions about nutrition, training, performance, mindset, and any fitness and health topics.

You will never ask for motivation again!


You'll have a personalized workout routine (with app access) and know what to do every time you work out.
Your workout routine and meal plans are customized to fit your lifestyle! Whether you are training 2 times a week or 6 times a week, and whether you eat 2 times a day or 6 times a day, there are workout routines & meal plans to help support your preferences!

These time-saving tools give you a clear overview and make your fit vegan lifestyle easy & fun!


Join a community of motivated life-loving vegans who, like you, want to transform their bodies and the planet. Here we help each other and exchange our personal experiences around nutrition, veganism, training, mindset and everything that connects us.

There are routine live calls where everyone can ask questions and start discussions. Together, we can grow even more as we support each other to become high-performing fit vegans.  


Stefan has put all his expertise into the mentoring to make sure that each client finally feels, looks and performs as they have always wanted to. He also gives people knowledge of their body they can use for a lifetime. This way, everyone can make their life a masterpiece in the long run.

Because you deserve to live a healthy and happy life!


• Once you transform your body & mind you realize you are in control of your life
• You have a higher energy & performance than regular people
• Weight Loss, Weight Management & Muscle Building is SO much easier
• You are way more confident and out-going
• You are more focused and disciplined which leads to more productivity
• You are a huge inspiration for your family and friends
• You live longer because you have no more toxins in your diet
• You have the fitness to do any outdoor activities
• You have the right attitude to reach other life goals also
• You save millions of animals, tons of water and thousands of forests
• You are responsible to save our planet and to create a positive future


• No understanding of what a healthy & performance-enhancing diet contains
• Not eating enough protein and other essential nutrients
• Doing HIIT / Bootcamps / Crossfit as exercise
• Just eating "healthy" without considering essential factors
• Having the approach „As long as it’s vegan I’ll eat it“


Following the latest science to achieve maximum health & performance
• Eating the right amount of protein to maximize fat loss & muscle gain
• Correct Strength Training with an individual optimized workout program
Following a calorie, macro- & micronutrient approach that leads to success 
• Realizing that not all vegan food is leading to your personal goals 

The Mentoring is not for everyone! 

Investment: You have to invest in yourself to achieve the most important transformation in your life - YOUR HEALTH!

Warrior-Type: The faster you implement the individual steps, the faster you will see success. You have to be an Action-Taker!

Communicative & Coachable: You have to be coachable and ready to let go of old behavioral patterns to finally achieve your body&mind transformation, which positively influences all areas of life

Vegan: You have to be vegan (or wanting to go). It doesn't matter if you are already a long-time vegan, a new vegan or an aspiring vegan.

Commitment: You need at least 5-10 hours per week and be committed to make a SERIOUS CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE!

How can I apply for the mentoring?

We only work with people who have the potential to be successful with our help. Therefore, every candidate goes through our 3-step application process.

1. Apply for the SATISFOREST-Mentoring

We help our clients personally so they can succeed. This requires a lot of our time, so we are limited to only working with a few people.

2. The expert team will call you

A member of our coaching team will call you and see where you stand, what your goals are and how we can help you. Make sure that you are reachable!

3. Acceptance or rejection 

If you fit into our mentoring and we find that we can help you, we will reach out and let you know if you've been accepted into the mentoring program.


Attention: We can only accept a small number of applicants,
because we work very closely & intensively with our participants.

Demand is very high, therefore you have to apply for a place.

© Satisforest - Stefan Gerbl 2020

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